Master Class Salon Series: Sponsored by M&T Bank

The GO ART! Salon Series brings together students and masters to produce exciting productions for audience at Seymour Place. This fall's series features a wide array of art styles with some of the best talent in New York State. We hope you'll join us to celebrate up and coming artists as they hone their work with established professionals! 


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October 17th: The Art of Drag with Anita Buffem

Master Class from 10 am - 6 pm, Performance from 6 pm - 8

Born and raised outside of Syracuse, NY it wasn’t until a move to New York City in 2004 with only a backpack and a soul full of determination that the character of Anita was fully realized. The drive for success was fueled by a calling to bring joy, positivity and a sense of inclusion to anyone who's felt like an outsider.

With a background in performance and a natural intuition for comedy, Anita has traveled the US as the producer, creative director, and star of, "The Haus Of Mimosa" an award winning musical comedy duo created in 2007. It's these travels and the production work with "Mimosa" that led to a new path which includes comedy, beauty, style, and wellness.

Visit Anita's website here for more information on her.


October 22nd: Garth Fagan Dance

Performance: 6:30 pm - 7:30 pm at Blue Pearl Yoga, 200 East Main Street, 3rd Floor,  Batavia, NY
Talkback w/ drinks and horderves: 7:30 pm - 8:30 pm at GO ART!, 201 East Main Street, Batavia, NY 
World class instructors from Garth Fagan dance will instruct young talent in an intensive master class! This performance will highlight their new skills, and feature the instructors performing contemporary dance with African influences!

Visit Garth Fagan Dance's website here for more information on the Troupe.


November 5th: Annette Daniels Taylor 

Performance from 6:30 pm

Annette Daniels Taylor, an award winning author, playwright, poet, and artist-filmmaker. Her debut YA novel, Dreams on Fire (October 2018) with West 44 books is an poetic urban teenage journey written in verse.The author of two poetry chapbooks, Street Pharmacist; and Hush now, Annette's work explores identity, class, memory, place, and public history. Daniels Taylor is a New York State Public Humanities fellow.


November 19th: Opera with Amy Cochrane 

Performance from 6:30 pm 

Amy Cochrane has established herself as an important singer in the worlds of opera, light opera and oratorio.  Her most recent production was as Ortensia with Rochester Lyric's Bastianello with John Musto, composer in attendance.