Services and Pricing:


Studio Level 1: You know how to use a mixer, have your own computer and audio recording software and have editing skills. You have your show all planned out and can do your own everything. The studio will be set up for you with mixer, mics and headphones. You bring your computer, plug it in, and you will walk out with the raw audio when you are done. $50/hour


Studio Level 2: We will record and edit for you!  Moderate editing is: adding intro and outtro music (Yours, pre-selected and copyright free,) dropping in any pre-produced ads you want to include, and cutting out any big mistakes or sections of the audio you don’t want in the final version. $150/hour


Studio Level 2 Series Package: Your BEST deal! A series of 10 hour long podcasts we edit for you, with dropped in pre-produced ads, copyright free music and/or fx! $1200 pre-paid.


Ala Carte: If you need any help crafting your show - scripts, transitions, finding music or fx, etc... you can schedule a consultation outside of your studio time and we’ll be glad to help you put it all together! $50/hr