Terry Weber "Wool"


Presently I have a Shop/Gallery in a converted 1835 General Store on 63 in East Bethany where I sell Antiques and work in my studio. I sell my artwork in the store. I received a BA from a small Liberal Arts College in Leavenworth, Ks. majoring in Art with a concentration in Pottery. I taught in Denver for 3 years before moving back to Western NY when my son was ready to start school. I've been living and working out of my shop for 33 years.


Artist Statment

I started to work in Wool about 10 years ago. The thing I like about both is that the medium insists on boldness, without the nit pickiness regular painting can encourage. The Wool lends itself to 3d effects and I love the texture.

Exhibiton Dates: November 2, 2022 - December 3, 2022

Reception: November 17, 2022; 5-8pm

Rebecca Graham "Traditional Mixed Media in a Digital World"


Raised in a pre-digital era, I learned artistic concepts "hands-on" in art classes throughout grade school and high school. I began drawing in pencil and charcoal with my mother, who possessed above average artistic skills. We would draw together from instructional Walter Foster drawing books. My sophomore year in high school I impressed my family and classmates with a graphite rendering of a phantom view of a 1963 corvette in a Corvette book. I enjoyed drawing sports cars and eventually progressed to using color in illustrations. I completed an Associate degree in Graphic Art through Genesee Community College in 1987. Being busy with work and family for the past several decades has made it difficult for me to spend time on any artwork. Now, with more free time, I've gotten busy again exploring various subjects and media, from pet and family portraits to nature.


Artist Statement

My artwork consists of illustrations of various subjects done in a number of different media, but with the exclusion of digital art or photography. The subjects I choose have become meaningful either through first hand experiences including those with friends and family or via mass media including current events, and pop culture and music.

Exhibiton Dates: Sept 7, 2022 - October 29, 2022

Ed Hallborg: Quiet Buildings 


Drawing from a wide breadth of experiences and influences, Ed Hallborg’s “cement paintings” or “cement friezes” combine multiple disciplines into a unique form of wall art. The inspiration for this unusual art form comes from his work in the building trades while he was living in the Southwest United States. In terms simplest terms, it is similar to the application of stucco. A dimensional understructure is created onto which a slurry of various cements and adhesives are brushed, dripped or poured for effect. Each work is part of an ongoing experiment in creating rugged but evocative art. A finished composition combines elements of sculpture, painting, model making and design. Ed and his wife Amy live in Wyoming County, NY. He currently teaches and serves as the Scenic and Lighting Designer for the theatre program at Hobart and William Smith College.


Artist Statement

“Quiet Buildings” Some of Hallborg’s latest work, entitled “Quiet Buildings” is a series of apparently desolate cityscapes in which the viewer is asked to question when, why and how. Are these derelicts of the past, a snapshot of life during a pandemic or a warning for the future?

Exhibiton Dates: July 6, 2022 - August 27, 2022

Reception: July 21, 2022; 5-8pm

Richard Della Costa "Remnants, Remains and Memory"

Exhibition Dates: May 4, 2022 - June 25, 2022

Reception: May 19, 2022; 5-8pm 


I am a retired media teacher and film/video producer currently living on the family farm in Kendall, NY. After Peace Corps service in India and Guatemala, I joined the Peace Corps staff in Washington, DC, where I  worked as a public affairs officer and media producer. While living there I  produced three independent 16mm films. They were, as best as I can describe them, collage films, avant-garde and expressionist in style. I have  been making collage art and assemblage art, box constructions and  sculpture since my return to this area in 1989. I find that the use of found  objects, junk and detritus lying around the farm in Kendall and in the woods  around me, very calming and always interesting. Since my retirement I  have had the time to devote myself to this work, have fun doing so, and  visually reflect on the state of my life and the world around me. 


Any work with found objects, shadow boxes and the like, owe much to Joseph Cornell. For myself, the collages and Merzbau constructions of Kurt Schwitters and the aesthetic of Marcel Duchamp, form a more powerful influence. The political cynicism of the Dada artists and later on the exploration of the subconscious by the Surrealists, form an evolved aesthetic that I find meaningful, although those movements had their heyday in the early to mid 20th century. The work is essentially collage, although different descriptions abound: Assemblage, Shadow Box, Box Construction, Found Object Sculpture. The rule that I try and enforce is that I make minimal changes to the objects and photos as I combine them.

Working with found objects, combining pieces of junk, discarded bits of metal and glass, or using antique objects in new assemblies, comprise a way for me to organize the world that I see as chaotic and violent. I enjoy finding methods of securing differing materials to each other, filling pre-made (found) boxes or building boxes around objects and materials that work together. I use negative space as the need to fill boxes or collages completely works against the sense of power in the work.


Art of the Rural Juried Annual Exhibit

Exhibiton Dates: March 16, 2022 - April 30, 2022

Reception: March 17, 2022; 6-9pm

Andrew Dumar

Exhibiton Dates: January 7, 2022 - February 26, 2022

Reception: January 20, 2021; 5-7pm

Paper, Fabric and Sisters

Julie Lambert Coleman & Laura Richardson 

Exhibiton Dates: November 3, 2021 - December 17, 2021

Reception: November 18, 2021; 5-8pm

Human Nature: An Exhibtion of Paintings by David Burke

Exhibiton Dates: September 1 2021 - October 29, 2021 

Reception: September 16, 2021, 6:30-9pm


Members' Holiday Show

Exhibit Dates: November 14 - January 4, 2019

Reception: November 21, 2019 from 6-8 pm



"Deconstructed and Raw" by Mary Jo Whitman

Exhibit Dates: November 30, 2022 - February 18, 2023

Reception: December 15, 2022

Artist Bio
Mary Jo Whitman is the Education/SCR Director at GO ART! and an Adjunct Art History Professor at
Genesee Community College. She has been a practicing artist for over 20 years, working in a variety of
forms including drawing, mural painting, photography, digital art, and sculpture with a focus on
conceptual art. Although much of her work is commissioned, she has exhibited in various group and solo
exhibits, both locally and internationally.
Earning a MA in Critical Museum Studies from the University of Buffalo, her graduate research focused
on exploring critical theory as it pertains to the construction of identity in a postmodern era. Graduating
from SUNY Brockport summa cum laude, she holds a BA in Studio Arts with a concentration in Sculpture
and a minor in Art History. Mary Jo also has an AAS in Fine Arts, with a concentration on Digital Art, from
Genesee Community College.
Passionate about promoting and fostering the arts, Mary Jo served on the Board of Directors at GO ART!
from 2015-2018, chairing the External Affairs and Gallery Committees. As the former Art Gallery
Coordinator for the Rosalie “Roz” Steiner Art Gallery, Mary Jo focused on enhancing the students’
education through exposure to a variety of mediums and art forms while curating diverse and dynamic
exhibitions for the community to enjoy. She has also had the honor of speaking as a guest lecturer to
several artistic and educational groups, as well as served as a juror for many exhibitions across the
region, including the Congressional Art Competition for the 27th District.
Artist Statement
I attribute much of the success in my life to my ability to assume whatever identity is necessary to
function within any social situation with which I am presented. My appearance, my clothing, my
mannerisms, my vocabulary, even the tone of my voice differ from situation to situation. I am the crazy
hippie, dancing barefoot at a festival as my flowing skirt chases me. I am the curator, entertaining
pretentious conversation in stilettos. I am the smart-ass bartender, donning pigtails and a bowtie with a
mischievous grin. I am the country girl in mud covered, ripped up jeans, destroying targets with a
shotgun and riding wheelers. I am an artist, conceptualizing all my observations in an array of mediums,
often in wax and plaster covered clothing. I am a sister. I am a daughter. I am an aunt. I am a mom. The
sheer size of my closet can attest to how many different people I can be and who I may need to be at
any given moment. This begs the question; is this fluid and fractured sense of identity nothing more
than a performance?
The act of performing identity would be considered indicative of an identity crisis from a modernist
perspective, however, it is simply part of identity formation from a postmodernist point of view. The
concept of a unified self with a fixed identity has given way to an idea of multiple selves, which allows
for the constant construction and reconstruction of identity. For postmodern theorists, identity is fluid
and considered a construct formulated according to one’s environments, interests and interactions.
Social constructs can become so entrenched that we take them for granted as ‘normal’ and ‘natural’, but
they’re always informed by the specific sociocultural contexts that produced them and they have a
significant impact on who we perceive ourselves to be. In essence, an individual’s identity is culturally
constructed, and necessarily fluid to meet the demands of changing social dynamics.
So, who am I beneath the fractured and fluid identity which has been constructed in accordance with
societal expectations? The truth is, I am all of these identities… and none of them at the same time.

Although, I use myself as an example in this theory because my identity certainly has many extremes,
the truth of the matter is that everyone, in one way or another, possesses a fractured and fluid identity.
Although the theory of identity construction in of itself is thought provoking, what I really seek to
understand is the psychological impact of constructed identities. What happens when we stop
performing these identities? What do we look like deconstructed and raw?

- Mary Jo Whitman


Linda Fix "Art is Timeless"


I am a retired RN and I have always loved art. I have worked with several different mediums, and substrates but I started with oil. My dad was a painter and back in the '60s oil paint was pretty much all that was used. I loved drawing and painting with him. I stopped painting when I went off to college and concentrated on my nursing career. I didn't come back to what I loved most until 20 years later. I love working with several mediums now, acrylic, watercolor, oil pencils, and alcohol ink.


Artist Statement

Art is timeless; it is like time travel, it can span the course of thousands of years in the past, or it can travel to an infinity in the future. Or it can just simply stand still and just 'Be'.

My Alcohol ink and watercolor pieces reflect the timelessness of nature; vivid colors like the seasons of life, seasons that shift and slowly change.

My soft Pastel pieces are my interpretation of a different era; represented by John William Waterhouse, born in the 1800's, a Pre-Raphaelite artist embracing  ancient Greek Mythology and Arthurian legend in his artwork.

Exhibiton Dates: October 5, 2022 - November 23, 2022

Reception: October 20, 2022; 5-8pm

Batavia Society of Artists

Exhibiton Dates: August 3, 2022 - October 1, 2022

Madeliene Rusch "Song Lyrics"

Artist Bio: I have been painting for about 15 years, having started with oils and then changing to acrylics.  Early lessons and encouragement from John Hodgins and Dennis Wood allowed me to also dabble in watercolors.  My subject matter varies as I like to take inspiration from everyday scenes and iteams to music legends and song lyrics.  Thru the years I have won various ribbons and awards including Best of Show in the Alden Art Club show September 2021.  I have lived in the Town of Batavia for many years and am an associate real estate broker with Hunt Real Estate in Batavia.

Exhibiton Dates: June 15, 2022 - July 30, 2022

Reception: June 16, 2022; 5-8pm

Up Against the Wall: Art, Activism, and the AIDS Poster

Exhibition Dates: May 28, 2022 - June 12, 2022

Reception: June 10, 2022; 6-8:30pm

These posters are on loan from the Rochester Memorial Art Gallery (MAG) is current show Up Against the Wall: Art, Activism, and the AIDS Poster.  "This is the first major exhibition devoted to the University of Rochester's vast collection of HIV/AIDS-related posters.  The exhibit in the MAG features 165 of the most visually arresting and thought-provoking posters from the over 8000 posters from 130 countries.  Thess posters were assembled by collector, physician, and medical historian Dr. Edward C. Atwater.  Dr. Atwater generously donated the entire collection, which also includes a broad range of AIDS-related ephemera, to the University's River Campus Libraries' Department of Rare Books, Special Collections, and Preservation beginning in 2007.  Today it comprises one of the largest collections of its kind in the world.  Both the collection and the exhibition illustrate the wide range of communication strategies used to educate and inform people this devastating global epidemic." 

GO ART! was lucky enough to aquire through loan 28 of these posters for display for the first half of June (Pride Month).

Art of the Rural Juried Annual Exhibit

Exhibiton Dates: March 16, 2022 - April 30, 2022

Reception: March 17, 2022; 6-9pm 

Nurses & Nuns, Saints & Angels: The Art of Rita Mallison

Exhibition Dates: February 2, 2022 - March 26, 2022

Reception: February 17, 2022; 6-9pm 

Lampshade Poems - Anthony Terrell 

Exhibition Dates: November 12, 2021 - January 29, 2022 

Reception: November 12, 2021; 6-8pm

Judy Wenrich

Exhibit Dates: Decmber 12 - February 8, 2020

Reception: Decmber 19, 2019 from 6-8 pm

Andrew Dumar and Dave Paprocki

October 10 - December 7, 2019


Batavia High School Annual Show

Exhibit Dates: January 11- February 25, 2023

Reception: January 25, 2023

The show highlights Batavia High School art students taking a variety of electives from Printmaking, Graphic Design, Drawing, Painting, Studio Art, Portfolio and AP Art and their hard work throughout the year.

RINA MARÍA - Floraciones

Exhibit Dates: December 21, 2022 - January 7, 2023

Reception: January 6, 2023
Nací en Coquimbo- Chile, mi ciudad donde he pasado la mayor parte de mi tiempo creativo. Estudié Gráfica y trabajé en distintas áreas del diseño publicitario y diseños para el libro “Introduction to ergonomic” primera, segunda y tercera edición de la Mc-Grow Hill editores, y también para la Facultad de Ingeniería Biomédica en la Universidad de Cape-Town-Sudáfrica, en este maravilloso país, descubrí la pintura sobre seda natural, la estudie y me perfeccione en las técnicas de acuarela sobre seda, gutta y sales, hasta el día de hoy, sigo descubriendo la nobleza de este soporte tan versátil. He diseñado sedas para regalos corporativos, diseños personalizados para ocasiones especiales, he expuesto en galerías de artes nacionales e internacionales, puedo decir que mis diseños se encuentran en diferentes puntos del mundo.

Soy diplomada en gestión cultural, post graduada en relaciones culturales internacionales y diplomada en mediación cultural y formación de audiencias.
Paralelamente a mi trabajo creativo, me dedico a la gestión y producción cultural, aportando al desarrollo cultural de la región de Coquimbo, actualmente soy socia fundadora y vocera de la Corporación de Creadores Visuales de la Región de Coquimbo Vicrea.
I was born in Coquimbo- Chile, my city where I have spent most of my creative time. I studied Graphics and worked in different areas of advertising design and designs for the book "Introduction to ergonomic" first, second and third edition of Mc-Grow Hill publishers, and also for the Faculty of Biomedical Engineering at the University of Cape-Town- South Africa, in this wonderful country, I discovered painting on natural silk, I studied it and perfected myself in the techniques of watercolor on silk, gutta and salts, to this day, I continue to discover the nobility of this versatile medium. I have designed silks for corporate gifts, personalized designs for special occasions, I have exhibited in national and international art galleries, I can say that my designs are found in different parts of the world.
I have a diploma in cultural management, a postgraduate degree in international cultural relations and a diploma in cultural mediation and audience training.
Parallel to my creative work, I am dedicated to cultural management and production, contributing to the cultural development of the Coquimbo region. I am currently a founding member and spokesperson of the Corporation of Visual Creators of the Coquimbo Vicrea Region.
“…La sensibilidad de la creadora es nítida en sus signos y atmósferas; su alma evidentemente vuela, se decide y aventura dejando los excesos y entrando limpiamente a la esencia de una nueva etapa en su ruta, que desde el mar de aguas tranquilas viaja en contracorriente por el Elqui; supera el embalse, saluda a los peces y camarones, a las aves, chinchillas y zorros para situarnos en Vicuña a modo de desierto y valle florido. Mamalluca, Peralillo, Calvario y Porongo la miran y abarcan como protectores cerros en su inmensidad con sus grandes sombras, con el sonido del quisco que silbando al viento por sus espinas refuerzan para que su recorrido avance seguro.”
Hernán Godoy Rojas.
Profesor de estado en Artes Plásticas, 
ULS-Artista visual. La Serena, Coquimbo.
“…The creator's sensitivity is clear in her signs and atmospheres; his soul evidently flies, he decides and ventures leaving excesses and cleanly entering the essence of a new stage in his route, which from the sea of ​​calm waters travels against the current through the Elqui; It overcomes the reservoir, greets the fish and shrimp, the birds, chinchillas and foxes to situate ourselves in Vicuña as a desert and flowery valley. Mamalluca, Peralillo, Calvario and Porongo look at it and encompass the immensity of the hills like protectors with their great shadows, with the sound of the quisco that whistling in the wind through its thorns reinforces so that its journey advances safely”
Hernán Godoy Rojas.
State Professor in Plastic Arts,
ULS-Visual Artist. La Serena, Coquimbo.
En las artes visuales, la acuarela es una de las técnicas más antiguas, dicha técnica ha ido evolucionando en el tiempo y experimentando con otras técnicas plásticas, para Rina María es la mezcla de dos técnicas que se fusionan de manera muy armónica, la cual propone que las manchas y la composición sean un juego experimental y espontáneo. 
In the visual arts, watercolor is one of the oldest techniques, this technique has been evolving over time and experimenting with other plastic techniques, for Rina María it is the mixture of two techniques that merge in a very harmonious way, which she proposes that the spots and the composition are an experimental and spontaneous game.
Huang Ti pidió a su esposa Xi L.ingshi que averiguara qué estaba acabando con sus plantas de morera. La mujer descubrió que eran unos gusanos blancos que producían capullos brillantes.
Al dejar caer accidentalmente un capullo en agua tibia, Xi Lingshi advirtió que podía descomponerlo en un fino filamento y enrollar éste en un carrete. Había descubierto cómo hacer la seda, secreto que mantuvieron bien guardado los chinos durante los siguientes 2000 años. La ley imperial decretó que todo aquel que lo revelara sería torturado hasta morir.
Huang Ti asked his wife Xi L.ingshi to find out what was killing their mulberry plants. The woman discovered that they were white worms that produced shiny cocoons.
By accidentally dropping a cocoon into warm water, Xi Lingshi realized that he could break it down into a fine filament and wind it onto a spool. He had discovered how to make silk, a secret that was kept closely guarded by the Chinese for the next 2,000 years. Imperial law decreed that anyone who revealed it would be tortured to death.
La pintura sobre seda natural es una de las artes más antiguas del mundo, ha ido evolucionando en el tiempo y experimentando con diferentes procesos creativos, Sedas Rina Maria es la mezcla de técnicas que se fusionan de manera muy armónica, la cual propone que las manchas y la composición, sean un juego experimental y espontáneo para el artista. Esta propuesta, sugiere al receptor interpretar la pintura a su manera, siendo esta una experiencia única; invita a ser observada y sentirla, desde otros ángulos.
Painting on natural silk is one of the oldest arts in the world, it has evolved over time and experimenting with different creative processes. Rina Maria Silks is the mixture of techniques that blend in a very harmonious way, which proposes that stains and composition, are an experimental and spontaneous game for the artist. This proposal suggests to the recipient to interpret the painting in their own way, this being a unique experience; invites to be observed and felt, from other angles.

GLOW Creatives - Selected Works, 1.0.1


The Rotary Room gallery will feature works of various media by the GLOW Creatives, a group of artists that are collaborating (with each other, with GO
ART!, and two other area arts councils) on a two-year grant-funded series of art projects intended to engage four rural Western NY counties. Sculpture by Susan Ferrari Rowley, photography by Keith Walters, paintings by Dan Butler will be featured. 

Exhibition Dates: September 7, 2022, to October 29th, 2022 

Reception: September 15th from 5pm-8pm

Karen Crittendon "Slices of Life"

Exhibition Dates: May 4, 2022 - June 25, 2022

Reception:  May 19, 2022; 5:30pm-7:30pm


Batavia High School Student Show

Exhibition Dates: January 12, 2022 - February 26, 2022 

Reception: January 28, 2022; 5-7pm

Works in Glass

Christy Valsente

Exhibition Dates: November 3, 2022 - December 18, 2022

Reception: November 18, 2022; 5pm-8pm

It’s Not All About the Tutus by Sarah Hoeppner

Exhibit Dates: December 19 - January 18, 2020

Reception: January 16, 2020

Dave Paprocki and Andrew Dumar

October 10 - December 7, 2019

Artist Reception: Octoer 17, 2019 from 6-8pm


Lydia Zwierzynski "Art Works by Lydia Zwierzynski"


I am mostly a self taught artist with an acute attention to detail. My inspiration tends to come from intricate patterns and vibrant colors.

Exhibiton Dates: October 5, 2022 - November 26, 2022

Reception: October 20, 2022; 5-8pm

Rhonda McClurg "Paintings by Rhonda McClurg"

Exhibiton Dates: August 3, 2022 - October 1, 2022

John Midla "Female Inmate Portraits"

Exhibit Dates: June 1 - July 30, 2022

Reception: June 16, 2019

"Does this Make You Uncomfortable?"

Curated by Mary Jo Whitman, Poetry by Jodi Fisher

Curator Statment:

What would a gallery look like without artwork? How about the world? Or life?

I do not ever want to imagine a world without art.  The thought is nauseating to me.  It makes my skin crawl and my spine feel weak.  I cannot think of something more uncomfortable than living in an artless world.

Art of the Rural Juried Annual Exhibit

Exhibiton Dates: March 16, 2022 - April 30, 2022

Reception: March 17, 2022; 6-9pm 

Adrian Morris

Exhibition Dates: February 2, 2022 - March 26, 2022

Reception: February 17, 2022 6-9pm

Members' Challenge Show: Purpose

September 12 - December 7, 2019

Reception: September 19, 6-8 pm

Please download the contract by clicking the link below


We are looking to exhibit artwork that invokes the idea of, feeling, meaning or experience of the theme, "Purpose".
Artists are encouraged to submit works that interpret this theme in any way they choose.
One piece per artist requested. No media restrictions. Entries must be no larger than 3’X3’.

Submissions may be dropped of September 9-11, 2019 at GO ART! 201 E Main St Batavia, NY. General Hours are Thursday and Friday 9-5 and Saturday 8-2. To drop off your pieces outside these hours, call 585-343-9313 or email

If you are not a member, don't fret, you can join when you drop off your piece.

Salih Studio Gallery

First Annual Holiday Juried Show

Exhibition Dates: November 22 - December 21, 2019

Reception: November 22, 2019

GCC Medina Campus

Retrospective - Constance Mosher

Exhibit Dates: October 8 - December 13, 2019

Reception: November 20, 2019, 6-8pm

GCC Albion Campus

Judy Wenrich

Exhibit Dates: October 8 - November 15, 2019

Reception: October 15, 2019, 6-8pm

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