Framed by Lyn J. Kang

Dates: July 12 thur September 8, 2018

Reception: July 19, 2018 from 6-8pm

I experience frames all over.
The relationship between various elements in a frame is tolerated. They are interwoven within
the frame. They are entrapped in colors, but do not find a way to feel sympathy. They are
placed to live under one frame.
No way out.
What frame do you live under?

Lyn J. Kang
Kang is a painter, born in Seoul, South Korea. She spent her teens and early 20s in New
Zealand and attended a BFA program at the University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New
Zealand. After graduating, she experienced and expanded her artistic talents in various fields
including teaching, advertising and setting stage sets.
In 2012, Kang moved to Washington, D.C., U.S.A. The following year, her artwork was
featured in a solo show in Vienna, Virginia. Her work has also been shown in group shows in
New Zealand, South Korea and the United States as well as solo shows in South Korea and the
United States. She continued her studies at the Maryland Institute College of Art, Baltimore,
where she received a Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Fine Arts in 2015.
Lyn Kang, currently resides and works in Western New York.




Ty's Painted Poles

Dates: June 14 - August 4, 2018

Reception: June 21, 2018 from 6-8pm

Ty Dickey is a native of Houston, Texas who currently resides in Detroit, Michigan. He has created unique works in several mediums as an artist for 27 years, including repurposed tables made from wooden spools, large acrylics on canvas, and decorative wooden chairs.

Ty creates his works from a strong African-centered viewpoint, drawing inspiration from his surroundings. His latest works are decorative fabric spools, a mixed media form that incorporates recycled cardboard paper and acrylic paint. He began creating the spools eight years ago to recycle and repurpose everyday materials, with a conscious intent to conserve resources.

Each piece is elegant and unique; the same design is never painted twice. “Nothing is pre-planned – it kind of happens,” says Ty. As he puts color to the canvas, the design comes to him. He considers himself to be a “newbie” in this work and enjoys bringing the pieces to life.

Several of the pieces incorporate Ghanaian adinkra symbols. Other pieces are freeform, with geometric shapes and doodles that are created in the moment. His works have been well received, in exhibitions at the Carr Cultural Center and the Baltimore Gallery in Detroit, Michigan.

Ty’s intent is to contribute original works that people can enjoy for many years to come. He believes that if his works are appreciated, he has brought light into a stressful day. “I’m just trying to bring some beauty, so we’re all a little happier.”

Ty continues to enjoy a successful career of 27 years as co-owner of Stef-n-Ty with his wife, designer Stephanie Dickey. The company produces handmade, exceptional hats from upholstery and vintage clothing with beautiful detail.







Peru Childrens' Show

Dates: June 14 - August 4, 2018

Reception: June 21, 2018 from 6-8pm

After spending many years immersed in the creation of art at a professional level,  we arrived at the point where we felt the need to share our art with the next generation.  They are the children who are the hope of our new society. In 2008 we built the Center of Art Achikwayra (Wind at Dawn).  This project consisted of constructing a workshop in which artists and children would share the same creative space. In this way we began to paint and learn together instead of following a traditional method of instruction found in schools.  We decided not to interfere with the creative process of the children so as not to lose the spirit and originality that children imprint on their creations.

    The technique for finding inspiration in this workshop falls upon respecting the process as the most important.  In this way each artist creates work in their own style. We are able to avoid repetition. Nothing interests us as much as the diverse expression which is both rich and intimate.

    In our workshop we provide the opportunity to utilize a great variety of materials and techniques We notice that our community which has been built on ancestral traditions and customs has sadly been influenced with the passing of years by the globalization of cultures.  The children’s work is an important visual source that serves as a testimony to this inexorable change. The subjects of their creations are inspired by their community, by the oral traditions of Cajamarca, in the festivals of saints, in the landscape, in real and mythical beasts.

    Over the years we have worked in many communities including: Ventanillas de Otuzco, Puylucana and Santa Barbara where the actual workshop is located.  Many children have passed through our workshops with the desire to draw and paint. Some stayed for hours, some for days, and some for months. The important thing during this time is the living in the moment.  The rush of colors in a creation and the series of unimaginable sensations provoked by the creation of their art will remain imprinted in their memories, moments that changed the lives of the children without them being aware of it.

    Achikwayra is the manner in which we belong to our society, to our culture that has given us so much for so many years.  We have been accompanied by many friends from different places on our journey who have inspired us and who have inspired us to continue.

Daniel Cotrina Rowe:

Daniel Cotrina Rowe was born on March 4th, 1966 in Cajamarca, Peru.  He studied at the Fine Arts School of "Mario Urteaga".  

Daniels artwork is included in the Latin American Artists Registry of the prestigious Latin American Museum of Long Beach, California (MOLAA).

Daniel currently directs the Art Center called Archikwayra, in which he shares his experience as a painter with talented children from the community of Otuzco in Cajamarca, Peru.   

Wilder Manuel Limay 

Wilder Manuel Limay was born in Cajamarca, Peru on Feb 10, 1987.  He studied painting at the Mario Urteaga Alvarado School of Art.  He graduated from the University of Pedro Ruiz Gallo.  He became the instructor of the photography workshop at the Mario Urteaga School of Art in Cajamarca.  He also studied photography, audivisual media and documentary film in the Cultural Center of San Marcos at the University of Science and Humanities, School of Photography Runafoto, Image Center and Out of the Spotlight.  

Wilder Manual Limay is an active promoter of analog photography and audiovisual media workshops.  In 2018 he joined the AMIL Laboratory.  In 2016 he was a finalist in the rapid painting competition at Mario Urteaga in Cajamarca.  In 2014 he was a finalist in the National salon of San Marcos - painting and sculpture competition.  In 2013 he won fourth place in the competition Rapid Painting "Jose Amado Sabogal Dieguez".  In 2012 he won fourth place in the International Competition of Painting organized by UNESCO in France.  His work has been exhibited in many parts of Peru and can be found in local and national collections of art.

The sales from this show will be used to purchase supplies for the Archikwayra so the children can continue to learn and enjoy art!



DATE: November 2- December 2, 2017

RECEPTION: November 9, 2017 6-8 pm

I enjoy art in all forms and see art in everything that is life it self. Sketching, painting, photography, sculpting, I enjoy participating in all kinds of art projects like that. Art is a loss of thought and flow of self.