GO ART! Open Studio Tour – September 2019


We have a number of artists that registered for our Open Studio Tour event taking place in Orleans and Genesee County on Septemer 21 and 22, 2019 from 10 am to 6 pm! Some of our artists will be located at public venues since they do not have a studio. Please feel free to support these locations by buying art, food or a drink from them!


Maps can be downloaded from our website or purchased for $5.00 at either GO ART! in Batavia or Marti's on Main Art Gallery in Albion.



Artist from Orleans County (September 21, 2019, 10 am - 6 pm)


Chris Manaseri  Location: 14504 Lakeshore Rd, Kent, NY 14477

Chris Manaseri paints the regional landscape in watercolor and oil. His work is often completed in “en plein air” (outdoors, on site). Chris is a board member of GO ART!, and is active in several local art clubs, including the Genesee Valley Plein Air Painters, the Rochester Art Club, and the Brockport Artists Guild. He maintains a studio at his home on the shore of Lake Ontario near Point Breeze, and shows his work in local galleries and competitions as well as online at his website www.lakeshorefineartllc.com.


  Shirley Nigro  Location: 4688 Oak Orchard Rd, Albion, NY 14411


Idris Salih  Location: 24 East Bank St, Albion, NY 14411


Renee C. Swanson  Location: 810 Meadworks/Hart House Hotel, 113 West Center St, Medina, NY 14103

As a military veteran, artwork is a treasured hobby. I reuse unwanted chairs can be used to sit in, as others founds new purpose as decorative supports for flowers and to brighten up a room or a covered side porch. Many of the chairs are donated for charity fund raisers.


Christy Valsente  Location: 76 S. Main St, Holley, NY 14470

I am a stained glass artist since 2015. I do glass-on-glass creations and frame them for showing in windows or otherwise. I do mainly animals and birds and am currently working on a series of endangered and exploited animals. I do custom orders on request.


Judy Wenrich  Location: 229 North Main St, Albion, NY 14411

My animals have a sense of humor. Which is good because a sense of humor keeps the world laughing, or least grinning. Well, maybe a smirk. Hey, it’s a start.


  Janet Root  Location: 1213 Center Rd, Kendall, NY 14476

I love color and graphic design and normally work intuitively. Sometimes I add unusual items to my quilts, such as slices of rock or minerals, rusty metal pieces or birch bark. Or I may choose techniques not normally associated with quilt making. I have burned cotton in candle flame, cut polyester with a soldering iron and have melted other fabrics with a heat gun. I love “engineering” challenges of making my ideas work in fabric. I am usually of the opinion that less is more.


Arthur Barnes  Location: 12389 Maple Ridge Road, Medina, NY 14103


  Jim Fiegel  Location: 614 Moore St #A, Albion, NY 14411

I started painting in 2012 and I am self taught. My work is painted only on glass and plexi-glass in reverse (backward) which makes the colors explode! I only do abstract painting with acrylic, oil and latex paints with acrylic, oil and latex paints with special clear coats of sealers for curved plexi-glass with L.E.D. back lighting with remotes and some fluorescent back lighting. My work is or has been on display at these locations:

  • Artisan Works, Blossom Rd, Rochester, NY
  • Moon Java Café, Harvester Ave, Batavia, NY
  • Marte’s on Main St, Albion, NY
  • Nadia’s Soul Food, Allen St, Buffalo, NY
  • Auction King Gallery 63, Atlanta, GA
  • N.A.C.C, Niagara Falls, NY

Please enjoy my blur of paint & colors, relax your mind breath and drift away!


  Connie Mosher  Location: 229 North Main St, Albion, NY 14411

I enjoy experimenting with different art forms, so I will have on display Polaroid transfers, oil paintings, and flower scans, color sketches done with colored pencils or watercolor wax pastels and greeting cards. I am always happy to answer questions about the unusual techniques I use.


  Kim Muscarella  Location: 229 North Main St, Albion, NY 14411

I have a bachelor’s degree in Studio Art from SUNY Brockport. I specialize in sculpture, but work in several mediums. I have run a successful art gallery for nine years and on Tuesdays artists join me for the making of art! I feel art is a necessary part of life and I intend to enjoy!


  Chris Versteeg  Location: 229 North Main St, Albion, NY 14411

Art is magic. Pencils, block and white drawings were my beginning. From there, I moved on to other mediums, acrylic, pastels, and watercolor. However, graphite (black and white) remains my favorite. Subject matter is pets, old vehicles, old houses. Enjoy my work.


Albion NY Rocks  Location: 4688 Oak Orchard Rd, Albion, NY 14411


Ninandré Bouge  Location: 810 Meadworks/Hart House Hotel, 113 West Center St, Medina, NY 14103

Colleen Ware  Location: 4688 Oak Orchard Rd, Albion, NY 14411

Joan Barton  Location: 4688 Oak Orchard Rd, Albion, NY 14411

Debra Wilson  Location: 4688 Oak Orchard Rd, Albion, NY 14411

Lori Laine  Location: 4688 Oak Orchard Rd, Albion, NY 14411


Artists from Genesee County (September 22, 2019, 10 am - 6 pm)


David F. Burke  Location: Tavern 2.o.1, 201 East Main St, Batavia, NY 14020

I’ve been an artist all my life, but since 2015 I’ve been able to devote most of my time to making art. I earned a BFA degree from SUNY Brockport in paintings/sculpture. My art is inspired primarily by nature, human beings and subjects that are intellectually or emotionally stimulating for me. I do mostly acrylic painting (also several outdoor concrete sculptures around our property) and I’ve recently done several murals over the past three years. I received a Ripple Grant through GO ART!  to make an outdoor mural on the Byron-Bergen Library in 2017 and also one for a window painting on plexi-glass in the Sage Pavilion in Bergen in 2019


  Linda Fix  Location: Tavern 2.o.1, 201 East Main St, Batavia, NY 14020

I love to work with several different mediums and substrates. Some of my favorite mediums are oil. Acrylic, alcohol ink and polychrome/oil pencils. My art varies according to the medium or substrate that I use: for example: Alcohol Ink on tile or yupo paper has a very fluid effect but you can also use markers (alcohol) to control the ink and create something quite different. I am a retired RN and I have always loved art and writing. I am also an author of several romance/mystery novels.


Jean Grinnell  Location: 3384 Broadway Rd, Alexander, NY 14005

As a self taught clay artists, Ivy Lane Pottery has been making functional and fun pottery for several years. This spring, I collaborated with my friend and decorative artist, Darlynne Weber- and created a new enterprise- The Potter’s Nest. We hope that these functional and decorative pieces, - inspired by nature, and captured in clay-will please and inspire.


Mandy Humphrey  Location: 20 Main St, Le Roy, NY 14482

I am a local artist and graduate from RIT. I have painted public murals in our area. My personal artwork mainly consists of surreal oil paintings focusing on the ever changing personalities and emotions of strong women. I also own and operate a teaching studio, the ART of Mandy, which holds classes and events for all ages.

Terry Weber  Location: 5769 Ellicott St. Rd., East Bethany, NY 14054

Like many artists, trying new media is a compulsion. I work in watercolor, acrylic, oil, alcohol ink, multi-media paint, wool felting (wet and needle), dyes on silk and my newest infatuation is encaustic (wax) painting. My shop is in an 1835 General Store packed with antiques and my artwork distributed throughout.


  Kimberly Argenta  Location: 39 Jackson St, Batavia, NY 14020

I’m in the process of making prints of my art of to sell along with my originals. I’ve also painted murals in Batavia with the help of a Ripple grant. Check them out #wingingitinBataviany and Adam Miller Toy Store. Creating has been such a blessing to me. It has helped me to ease into an employment and the passing of my man and every day ups and downs. As I tell my students “Enjoy the Journey” “Art on Everything”.I am a self taught artist that has a dream to open my own teaching studio. This year I am celebrating 10 years in business. I want to share my love of art and my learning process with others of all ages. I have 50 students that attend weekly starting at age 5-80 years old. I also offer “Paint Nites” and workshops in most mediums. Although I appreciate all mediums, my passions are watercolor, mixed media and junk/art journaling. My art can be seen at my studio and on social media. FB, Instagram and @artofkimberly. I am not sure where my art will take me, but I’m excited about the journey I’m on.


Julie Lambert Coleman  Location: 44 Summit St, Le Roy, NY 14482

Welcome to the studio of Julie Coleman, Handmade Paper Artist. I have been making paper for over 25 years. A visit to my studio in the quiet village of LeRoy will be a unique journey into understanding the art of making paper by hand. Visitors will be treated to a demonstration on how to transform a cotton pulp to a visually dynamic sheet of paper. Then the visitors will observe how the artist uses multiple colors to design and create a landscape inspired by the artist’s travels. On display will be the artist work. My artist statement below reflects who I am and why I create my art. A quiet whispering image, turns into a desire, an intuitive need. The connection is made, perhaps it is inspired by natural surroundings, a decrepit structure, a moment in time but the muse starts gently entering into my mind, glimpses at first, then the pathway clears. The feel of the pulp, pristine white, then a multitude of colors, suspending, then pouring, swirling, textures, torn, cut layered. Slowly the creative image that inspired my being emerges through observation, it is demanding, occasionally unyielding and frustrating, persistence but also gentle and calming upon completion, until the next quiet whisper.


Shelly Acquard  Location: 9510 Alleghany Rd, Corfu, NY 14036

I’m passionate about pastels loving the vibrate colors and different approaches to making art.  I also work in oils, acrylic, and watercolors.  I’m a member of the PSA “Pastel Society of America as well as numerous other groups. I’ve also have won many awards and sell my work to appreciate art collectors. I offer classes to beginners and experienced artist in my private studio.


Lyndsay Baker  Location: Tavern 2.o.1, 201 East Main St, Batavia, NY 14020


Eric Wulfgang  Location: 23 Lincoln Ave, Le Roy, NY 14482

My work, for the past 30 years are results of periodic cathartic explosions stemming from a lifelong battle with Dissociative Identity Disorder, a battle which I am winning. This series began shortly after a psychological disintegration three years ago which resulted in a total hospitalizations at the VA Medical Center.


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