Music to Grow By

A NEW curriculum (replacing Kindermusik) for children ages 1-5 by Wendy Williams. Classes begin January 12, 2019 run for 12 weeks (ends April 13, 2019).  Each class is 45 minutes and classes are on Saturdays from 10:15-11 AM.
Tuition, which includes a CD and instrument, is $160 for non - members $144 for members.  
To secure your spot for this amazing child-caregiver interactive class and learn more, visit:
or text or email Wendy Williams directly at (716) 604-4541,
 In every Music To Grow By class, you’re welcomed into a playful and nurturing environment where your child will experience music of varying styles, genres, and cultures from around the world. Children and their parents or caregivers will sing, dance, explore instruments and props, read and rhyme, laugh and learn! Lessons are designed to engage your child, involve you actively in their early experiences, and use music to enhance their development-language, physical, cognitive, emotional, and social growth as well as musical enjoyment and learning are our goals! Give your child a sound foundation for a lifetime!


Classes are 45 min., with a parent or caregiver actively participating in the entire lesson.

Features and Benefits

· Educates parents: Foundations of Learning help you to discover how what you do with your child affects each aspect of their development.

· Provides a springboard: Weekly home activities suggestions give chances to recreate and expand upon your child’s favorite in class activities, andencourage the whole family to take part in life music making at home.

· Features scaffolding: a style of teaching where you learn to support and assist your child’s learning, to customize each activity for their own unique developmental stage.

Home Materials include a CD set featuring the semester’s music, and a specially designed instrument.

Learn about our educator: WENDY WILLIAMS