The new goart class begins June 3, 2017 runs for 8 weeks(July 22, 2017) 45 minutes per class,  Saturdays 10:15-11 AM.
Tuition,which includes a full set of home materials,  is $175 for non - members,  $140 for members.  
 "Children in need the excitement of new challenges, and the comfort of your support and encouragement as they attempt them. In a Kindermusik class, instrument play aids discovery of sound quality and tempo. Singing, rhyming, and vocal play foster language development. Dancing and creative movement develop balance and spatial awareness. Each unit’s engaging themes involve you and your child in both imaginative play and weekly concept topics. Enjoy this precious time in your child’s life, and learn how sharing Kindermusik activities in class and at home nurtures every aspect of their development!

Classes are 45 min., with a parent or caregiver actively participating in the entire lesson.

Features and Benefits

· Educates parents: Foundations of Learning help you to discover how what you do with your child affects each aspect of their development.

· Provides a springboard: Weekly home activities give chances to recreate and expand upon your child’s favorite in class activities, and set the stage for next week’s lesson.

· Features scaffolding: a style of teaching where you learn to support and assist your child’s learning, to customize each activity for their own unique developmental stage.

Home Materials include a CD set featuring the semester’s music, songs, sounds, and rhymes from many cultures, two story books from the unit, a family home activity guide, and a specially designed instrument."

Learn about our educator: WENDY WILLIAMS