Since 1962, we have been dedicated to developing the cultural life in Genesee and Orleans Counties by facilitating the creation, presentation and experience of art, heritage and traditions

What We've Achieved


  • Over 1 million dollars re-granted, with $63,084 re-granted this year, directly benefiting a minimum of 10,000 residents & visitors
  • Referrals & Professional Development for artists and cultural organizations
  • Shared Space & Resources in the GO ART! Center


  • Marketing & Publicity for member artists and groups
  • Cultural Calendar
  • Arts Awareness Month, held annually in March
  • Community Arts Awards & Monthly Arts Spotlight,
  • Arts Education, through advocacy and grants.


  • Folk Arts Programs, featuring the unique traditions of our local artisans and performers
  • Community Celebrations, such as “Picnic in the Park”
  • Exhibits in two Galleries in Genesee county
  • Special Programs, such as Salons, Poetry & Ghost Tales Contests, and Workshops


  • Participation in Committees and Clubs, ensuring that art and culture are integrated into community planning
  • Stewardship of the GO ART! Center in Seymour Place, 201 East Main Street in Batavia, a historically significant cornerstone of Batavia’s downtown and a home for the arts.