GO OUT! 2019 Pride Parade Registration

Parade registration CLOSES at noon Thursday, June 27, 2019.

GO OUT! 2019 Pride Parade is Friday, June 28, 2019 - Line-up begins at 5:30 pm and Step-off is 6:30 pm.

GO OUT! 2019 Pride Parade Theme: No Barriers - Breaking Down Walls

Please read Parade Terms & Conditions for information on Parade Safety. Lineup location will be sent by email to all registrants no later than noon Friday, June 28, 2019. Line up will also be posted on the GO OUT! website at that time.

1) STEP ONE, completing the application and registering to participate in GO OUT! 2019 Pride Parade. Please note there is no application fee, only a suggested donation.

2) STEP TWO, make a donation. After completing this form, you will be directed to GO ART!'s donation page. Please scroll down until you see GO OUT! 2019 Pride Parade. Once again, it is a suggested donation. A donation can be made in any amount or not at all. Your presence is our biggest want!

Suggested Donations:

- For-Profit: $50
- Non-Profit: $25
- Group: $25
- Individual: $10

If you would like to make a donation by check please address and send payment to (please note GO OUT! PARADE in the memo line of the check):
201 East Main Street
Batavia, NY 14020

3) STEP THREE, order your 2019 Pride Shirt. Pride Shirts can be purchased on the donation page by scrolling to the very bottom. They can be picked-up at the parade line-up or the festival. They are all unisex shirts, however, we will have scissors and artists on hand to help you turn your shirt into a new fashion trend.

First Name
Last Name
Postal Code


A float is a decorated platform, either built on a vehicle or towed behind one which portrays the theme of the parade. It can be a structure, people, or both. See Parade Terms & Conditions for more details on floats and safety.

Please see safety rules for float requirments

(Live Music, Recorded & Amplified, etc.)

By submitting an online registration, Applicant acknowledges that all applicable Rules and Regulations have been read in the Parade Terms & Conditions and Awards by the responsible party and agrees to them. Parade Safety is paramount and GO OUT! Pride 2019 asks that all contingents take necessary precautions with Float and Walking units. Generator exhaust pipes shall be located away from decorative and flammable materials and away from float riders. Towing vehicle drivers shall possess a valid driver license and drivers shall have a clear field of vision. The towing vehicle shall have a functioning horn and brakes that are in good working order. Parade floats should maintain a 30 foot interval between other entries in front of them. No person shall jump off or onto a moving float. Float riders shall not throw candy or other items to spectators. Candy or other items may be distributed to spectators by hand from parade participants walking along side the float. Float riders shall not spray water or other fluids at spectators. While we encourage all participants to express themselves, please keep in mind that this a family friendly event. This a very crucial step, even being able to establish this event in our community; please help us to make this a successful first step. At this time we cannot accept any above PG rated costumes or floats. Should you have any questions please contact Gregory Hallock directly at (585) 343-9313 or ghallock@goart.org. Weapons of any kind will NOT be permitted at any point during GO OUT! Pride events, including Parade and Festival. GO OUT! reserves the right to deny any application and remove people/floats from the events.

By participating in GO OUT! Pride 2019, we publicly affirm that we fully support people across the gender and sexual orientation spectrum in their full identities. We support their right for full legal equality and equity and the efforts to end violence, bias, and discrimination against them.