Vendor Application for GLOW OUT! Pride Fest 2021

Non-Retail, Informational Vendors (nonprofits) are NOT allowed to sell merchandise unless they register as a for-profit.

Food and beverages are not allowed to be sold or given away by any vendor.

You are required to follow all Vendor rules as published and communicated to you.

You are required to follow all New York State, County of Genesee, and City of Batavia laws and ordinances regarding permits, sales tax, insurance, and public safety.

By submitting an online application to be a GLOW OUT! Pride Vendor, the Applicant agrees to indemnify and hold harmless GLOW OUT!, their Board, committee members, employees, and volunteers involved with GLOW OUT! Pride Fest from all claims and liabilities.

By submitting an online application, the Applicant acknowledges responsibility for compliance with all Vendor rules that are posted or communicated to the applicant. “Non-Retail Vendor” means that the business or organization cannot sell merchandise or services at GLOW OUT! Pride Fest.

Applications close on Wednesday, June 9, 2021 at noon.

Applicants must bring their own tables, chairs, pop up tents to occupy a 10’x10’ space.

NOTE: If you have questions, contact Gregory Hallock directly at ghallock@goart.org or (585) 343-9313.

STEP ONE: This application.

2) STEP TWO, make a donation/payment. After completing this form, you will be directed to GO ART!'s donation page. Please scroll down until you see GLOW OUT! 2021 Pride Parade. Once again, it is a suggested donation if you are a nonprofit. A donation can be made in any amount or not at all. Your presence is our biggest want!

For-Profit: $50

Suggested Donation:
- Non-Profit: $25

If you would like to make a donation by check please address and send payment to (please note GLOW OUT! PARADE in the memo line of the check):
201 East Main Street
Batavia, NY 14020

First Name
Last Name
Postal Code

By submitting an online application, the Applicant acknowledges that all applicable Rules and Regulations have been read in the Vendor Information and Regulations by the responsible party and agrees to them.

By participating in GLOW OUT! Pride Fest 2021, we publicly affirm that we fully support people across the gender and sexual orientation spectrum in their full identities. We support their right for full legal equality and equity and the efforts to end violence, bias, and discrimination against them.



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