What We've Achieved


  • Over 1 million dollars re-granted, with $63,084 re-granted this year, directly benefiting a minimum of 10,000 residents & visitors
  • Referrals & Professional Development for artists and cultural organizations
  • Shared Space & Resources in the GO ART! Center


  • Marketing & Publicity for member artists and groups
  • Cultural Calendar
  • Arts Awareness Month, held annually in March
  • Community Arts Awards & Monthly Arts Spotlight,
  • Arts Education, through advocacy and grants.


  • Folk Arts Programs, featuring the unique traditions of our local artisans and performers
  • Community Celebrations, such as “Picnic in the Park”
  • Exhibits in two Galleries in Genesee county
  • Special Programs, such as Salons, Poetry & Ghost Tales Contests, and Workshops


  • Participation in Committees and Clubs, ensuring that art and culture are integrated into community planning
  • Stewardship of the GO ART! Center in Seymour Place, 201 East Main Street in Batavia, a historically significant cornerstone of Batavia’s downtown and a home for the arts.

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