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GLOW Traditions invites you to an afternoon of traditional South American music, performed by Dr. Jorge Díaz-Herrera on the Arpa Llanera or Venezuelan folk harp.  The concert will feature the music of the Colombian-Venezuelan plains (Los Llanos Colombo-Venezolanos), where the harp takes a leading role.  Attendees will enjoy the rich melodies of Latin American music performed on a unique variation of one of the world’s oldest instruments.

At 2:00 pm, Dr. Díaz-Herrera will give a pre-concert talk on the history of the harp in the Americas. It’s a story over 500 years in the making since the Spaniards brought the first harp to the New World and the indigenous peoples of South America reinvented it using tropical woods and developing different playing techniques.

Jorge started playing the Venezuelan harp as a young teenager in his native Barquisimeto, Venezuela.  He learned the basics from other harpists, who frequently played in the streets and for social events.  It was also a way for a younger teen to gain acceptance with his older peers.  Jorge built his first harp since he could not afford one; he now plays on a traditional harp crafted in Venezuela.

Along with the cuatro (a small 4-stringed guitar) and maracas, the harp completes a trio well-known in the Joropo style that originated in the region.  Joropo music and accompanying dance resembles fandango, with African, Native South American and European influences.

After moving to the United States, Diaz-Herrera had a group, “Pequeña Venecia,” in Washington DC in the late eighties-early nineties, performing in numerous venues, including the Smithsonian Museum of American History. In Rochester, he formed the group “Son la Loma,” that performed until 2009. Since then, he performs solo at a variety of venues including, most recently, a benefit recital for the Arts Council of Rochester and the Geneva Music Festival last June.  When he’s not playing the harp, Dr. Diaz-Herrera is the 19th President of Keuka College.

GLOW Traditions supports our area's living cultural heritage through documentation and public programming of traditional arts through performances, arts demonstrations, exhibits, workshops, school residencies, and apprenticeships.  It operates collaboratively among the Arts Council for Wyoming County, Livingston Arts, and the Genesee-Orleans Regional Arts Council. This regional program has been led since 1997 by founding Director, Karen Canning.

What do we mean by traditional arts? Traditional or folk arts are the ways a group maintains and passes on its shared way of life. They are usually learned informally, through watching and doing rather than learning from a book or in school. Traditional arts are often passed down over generations, expressing a community's sense of beauty, identity and values. Folk arts and folkways range from verbal "lore" like local ghost stories, children's rhymes or family sayings, to material arts like woodcarving, quilting or fly tying, to performance arts like fiddling, break dancing, or square dance calling. Your family, your church, your fraternal club – these are all groups that practice and maintain creative traditions that give meaning to everyday life.

We are always interested in learning more about who is carrying on these arts. Who are our leaders and craftspeople in traditions such as woodworking, ethnic crafts, and taxidermy? Who knows about meat smoking or cheese making, medicinal plants, or tried and true farming methods? Who are the old time musicians, the best tale-tellers? Who are the experts in needlework, quilting, lace making, and other home arts? We would love to talk to you and hear about what you do: send an email to

GO ART! announces Genesee-Orleans Culture Connects (GO-->C)

GO-->C is multi-month program to highlight, explore and increase appreciation for the artistic contributions of diverse ethnic and cultural populations of Genesee and Orleans Counties.  It includes performances, arts workshops/classes, screenings, lectures, exhibits, and historical presentations, from January-August 2017. We are inviting our community partners to collaborate with us to present these arts events in 2017.

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Sugar Skulls, Oaxaca City public market, 2002

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Donation: $5/person, $12/family; GO ART MEMBERS 10% DISCOUNT
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Learn about this beautiful (not scary!) Mexican tradition of honoring one's ancestors from Leonel Rosario, proprietor of Mariachi de Oro, and Karen Canning, GLOW Traditions folklorist.
Open to all ages; children 10 & younger accompanied by an adult.

Presented as part of GO ART!'s Culture Connects Series